The Buffalo Girl Art Auction….closer and closer!

And the week keeps moving! More days, more art! The Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction is right around the corner. The attendee envelopes are being stuffed, the food trucks’re orderin’ stock, the coolers are loaded with bevvies, and we’re on the 4th reveal day of the art auction works!


Can you believe 2008 was SIX years ago? I guess with our Anniversary shinding coming up on the 19th, that concept should be fresh in mind. That was the first time Jay Hardin’s paintings graced our walls; the next? 2011 and with decidedly different monochrome works. His newest work merges the two modalities, bringing the organic, flowing repetition of natural and applied rhythms to the surface of a photograph using mixed media. Having this kind of enduring relationship with an artist, seeing their work, their lives, and their families growing and changing, is one of the loveliest aspects of our longevity as an arts organization.



Rich Fairborn was a friend of Jane’s and has remained a loyal regular to the shop. We love seeing folks who knew Jane come through (also part of what this event is about); it reminds us of the connection she still has with this world through those relationships and memories, as well as how useful and appreciated Practical Art remains to folks daily lives. Rich has that appreciation for craft as he is an artisan himself; this work is a superb testament to that. The size and shape of a small cantaloupe, there is something extremely satisfying about the balance, weight, and proportion of this fine work. And we’re thankful for his donation that honors Jane and her mission to support our local art scene and its infrastructure– it’s a wonderful addition to the auction.

That’s today’s unveil, and there is a few more yet to come! Don’t forget to order your ticket online! We’ll hold your ticket packet here for you at the shop until the event, this Thursday April 10th from 5-8pm!





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