The Buffalo Girl Art Auction, and….the first pieces revealedl!

There’s something heady about the excitement of an arts auction, even a silent one– a specifically chosen array of well-known and emerging artists donating their talents to a cause they believe in; prices beginning low, encouraging the participation of young, beginning collectors; and when prices climb higher, its the committed arts patron that will take home a coveted piece– add good company, good drinks, and a good cause, and that equation for magic is complete.

As I’m guessing you might already know, we’re hosting the Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction on Thursday, April 10th, from 5-8pm, to honor our late friend and founder, Jane Reddin, and to raise funds for one of her great loves– Phoenix Art Museum. For this one-night event, the work will be placed on display with an accompanying bid sheet for auction attendees to profess their love, in dollars and decimal points, for the artwork, the artist, and/or the cause. And just to weigh on everyone’s sense of anticipation, we’re releasing the identities of these auction items day-by-day leading up to the event.

Many of the artists contributing work knew Jane- they knew her personally, or through her arts patronage, or through her tireless energy in arts advocacy, board service, and volunteer work. This auction is about preserving that legacy of enthusiasm. Jane bought work, she placed bids, she encouraged artists, she lent her vision and initiative to boards… she founded this lil’ art-centric business called Practical Art…. and she infused those auction tables, galleries, conversations, the whole dang art scene… with momentum. It was inspiring. We, we were inspired.

Okay, so, are you ready? Yeeeeah, you’re ready. Well, here it is! Your first taste of the Buffalo Girl Art Auction!



You know him from his sold-out show at Practical Art in November of last year, Mr. Space Boy Robot himself, Jordan-Alexander Thomas. Using small, wooden odds n’ ends, metallic paints, and a whole heck of a lot of imaginative nerdiness, Jordan has handcrafted this one-of-a-kind, bow-tied robot specially for the Buffalo Girl Auction. Our little golden dude stands decked out, proud, and emblazoned with Jane’s initials. I even heard him say, “Beep bop boop,” which I’m pretty sure is robot for, “I hope I get a lot of bids.”


And we’re honored to have this piece donated by Linda Ingraham. Jane was an avid art buyer and very much a fan of Linda’s meticulously crafted photographs. A piece from her collection that Jane shared with us here at the shop was a monochrome triptych of a stemless flower, the petals draping in various positions across the backdrop, splaying like the bottom of a flowing gown. The auction piece, “Learning to Fly”, has a similar attention to composition and form, as well, it sits in a space between gravity and levity which is a lovely note for this occasion.

Stay tuned in here for tomorrow’s introductions. And the next day’s. And the next’s.

To place a bid, pick up a ticket for the Dinner & Auction event, don some party duds, and join us for what is sure to be a memorable event. There are still some tickets available!

 Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction
Thursday, April 10th, from 5-8pm!


Each year, on her birthday, we celebrate the life our late friend and founder by fundraising to support endeavors Jane was passionate about: recycling, community, charity, and art. She was a dynamic woman and an incredibly positive force in the region in so many arenas– help us preserve her legacy of impact by joining us for a one-night dinner and art auction event.  Click Here for more details and to purchase tickets.


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