Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Jim Rogers of Phoenix, AZ

First, it was simple square boxes crafted from beautiful, exotic woods; trimmed with other, beautiful, exotic woods. Then, there were square boxes with large blocks of abstract inlay. Then, theeennnnn, came the exquisite pencil cases whose sliding top panel featured floral vignette inlays crafted from naturally-colorful woods. The intricate detail in these were enhanced with a subtle shading achieved by slightly singeing the wood.

And just when we thought local woodworker Jim Rogers had reached a pinnacle, he gave us a view of greater heights. Imagine more complex, more lusciously-detailed botanical inlays spilling off the top, interacting with the form, and illustrating not only nature’s beauty, but man’s ability to interpret it. In fact, you don’t have to imagine anything– see it with your own eyes in this photo essay.













What a beauty; the golden tone of that satinwood really glimmers. Indeed, the whole box is a testament to careful selection and experienced craftsmanship. See this piece in person or on our web store (while it’s here!) and others in Jim’s hinged box collection.


2 thoughts on “Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Jim Rogers of Phoenix, AZ”

  1. How can I learn to do this! I LOVE it! I recently bought a scroll saw, but have no idea where to go to learn.

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