Knock Knock. Who’s there? MARCH!


Can you believe it? First, it was 2014 sneakin’ up on us, and now— It’s already Spring! Even if you don’t own a calendar, there are some tell tale signs that Phoenix is in its primo season: we’re staring down a week of mid-80’s temps; the hotels are filled with grinning tourists who’ve busted out of their still-snowy regions to take in a spring training game; and I’m willing to bet you’ve been to at least one big outdoor community event already this month and it’s only the 3rd! It’s spring! It’s Phoenix! It’s spring in Phoenix and that means it’s festival season!!!

The end of February brought us AZ Beer Week, AZ Cocktail Week, and the Matsuri Festival of Japan, with a gentle closing of the month from the fine folks at Schnepf Farm and their Peach Blossom Festival.

This first weekend in March began with a bang just to the south of us on Central Ave– despite the rain– the Heard Museum was alive and thrumming with their Indian Fair and Market and the Phoenix Art Museum hosted their annual foodie extravaganza DEVOURED!


We’re particularly excited for this coming weekend and the 26th Annual ART DETOUR Self-Guided Art Tour! Metro Phoenix Galleries & Studios along the light rail, in the Roosevelt District, along Grand Ave, and elsewhere in the city, will throw open their doors all weekend long for the festivities. Jesse Perry, this month’s exhibiting visual artist at Practical Art, has decided that not only is he hanging his art on the walls, but that he’s turning one wall INTO art. That’s right, the room where we host our summer kids classes is getting the revamp it has so desperately deserved! Jesse will be working in front of your eyes all weekend on his vibrant mural, and he’s bringing copies of his sketch plans for the kiddos to colorize as a take-home. (And yes! You heard right! Summer Kids’ classes! Come by this weekend to meet some of the instructors too!) What else? Well, of course, the work of 120 local craft artisans, snacks, drinks, and general merriment. We’re excited!


Other notables in March?
Both the Scottsdale Arts Fest  & Fountain Hills Art Fest are the following weekend, as is the St.Patrick’s Day Faire and Parade at Margaret T. Hance Park.


The weekend after is the McDowell Mountain Music Fest and Tempe Festival of the Arts, but you’ll find us at Scottsdale’s Canal Convergence from the 20th-23rd as part of this annual series of engaging and inspiring free events at the Scottsdale Waterfront featuring innovative large scale installations by local and international artists, hands-on activities, live music, performances, and Artisan Market’s urban marketplace experience.

Whew! And we’re just using March to gear up for April. That’s a big month for us. We turn SIX! I’m sure you’ll hear more from us on it later, but if you want to get a glimpse at our two big events, Practical Art’s Six Year Anniversary and our Buffalo Girl Dinner & Art Auction, just click through those links!

With everything that’s going on, I’m sure we’ll see you soon!


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