Gotta Whole Lotta Love! Valentine’s Gift Guide!

Have a sugar? A sweetie? A main squeeze? Apple of yer eye? Well, it’s that time of year again. St. Vincent’s bringing the wine and St. Valentine is at his heels, a-rollin’ in with his confetti of candy hearts, red & pink streamers, and teddy bears holding boxes of chocolates.

Maybe you want to show your special someone that you care, but you’re looking for something a little more meaningful, or a little classier, than that typical cheese-fest. Well, we’ve got it, and what’s better? It’s handmade, one-of-a-kind, and locally-crafted.


Jewelry is a classic standard, and this darling piece by artisan Lisa Pauling is subtle and sweet.


Consider this petite chateau, by Maurice Hamburger, in deciding how to house that special piece of jewelry (or tiny love note). It skyrockets your presentation and is a lovely piece of art unto itself.


Fill this little heart, by Dan Basinski, with a favorite candy and sneak it onto your true love’s desk. Don’t underestimate the simple surprise.


The flower that never dies. These votive holders by Keith Weiskamp are a great gift to accompany a few verses of poetry about how long you’ll love her?  (Sorry, poem not included.)


And yes, we know you dudes like to be romanced as well. This ‘Leather & Tobacco’ candle, by StandardWax, has the earthy, dark-cherry notes of pipe tobacco mingled with the sweetness of a freshly-oiled baseball glove. We’re thinkin’ it’ll do well to set the mood.

And because Practical Art loves love, and loves our customers near AND far, we’re offering FREE SHIPPING between now and Valentine’s Day. Pick up a gift for your sweetheart, your best friend, yourself, anyone and everyone– and enter the code ‘LOCALLOVE’ at checkout. We’re crazy ’bout ya, and not afraid to show it. Happy Valentine’s!


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