Artisan Demo: The LOVE Goblet by Richard Altenhofen!


Legend has it that the two seamless, free-spinning rings around the stem of a Love Goblet are not only a mark of the woodturner’s skill, but that they symbolize the eternal love and bond between two people. For centuries these goblets have been created as tokens of a woodturner’s undying love and devotion to his beloved. On Saturday, local wood-turner Richard Altenhofen made one just for us. Aw!








And that there is the tricky part…. trimming protruding disks from the stem, then trimming down down down their centers until they break loose, but are still captured on the goblet! Then, if you look close (above), you can see that Richard has taped sandpaper to the stem, restarted his lathe, and is using the stem itself to sand out the inside of those rings for a smooth, rounded polish!  Clever!

And truly, what a combination of handsome, skillful craft and sentimental meaning. What will you be giving your Valentine this year? I have at least one recommendation.


(Or, if you have a five year anniversary celebration coming up… that’s the year of wood!)


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