“The Year of the Horse” by Heather Kirchhofer

We’re already nearing the end of January! Can you believe it? The New Year has already brought so many great new things to Practical Art, one being our latest exhibition by artist Heather Kirchhofer.  She creates a fitting symbol for the beginning of a new year.  After all, don’t we all start the New Year with the fierce, driving force of a wild horse and with high hopes for splendor and grace in our lives? It certainly is the year of the horse at Practical Art.


From a young age, Heather found herself fascinated by the beauty found in the human face. Not keen on drawing, she picked up a camera. Over time her craft evolved – she began capturing two and four-legged subjects and today creates pieces that reveal the beauty, power and elegance of horses.

The photos are brushed, smudged, transferred and transformed to become part of the wood – combining a subject in nature with the natural medium. Her process is truly unique. Aside from her interesting perspectives and crops, these images are hand-transferred to the wood panels, which means even if she tried to recreate one, it would never be exactly the same. Like a snowflake, there will never be two identical.





Be sure to stop in to get a glance of Heather’s stunning, beautiful show before it gallops away. It’s here through January 31st!




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