Easing the Pain of Going Back to Class

Ahh, the life of a student. Winter break is over and the halls of learning are flooded with eager minds. Possibility is in the air.

Orrrrrr…. it’s the first day of class, the books we ordered EARLY so we were prepared we have since LOST, we’re already behind deadline on writing assignments, and WE’RE OUT OF COFFEE. In the ever-so-apt words of 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, “What the what?!”

If you’re a student, or you love one, you may want to consider some locally-handmade goods that could help ease the pain of going back to classes. Let’s start with the caffeine quotient:


Lisa Harnish’s mugs are vats. These puppies contain nearbouts 16 oz. of go-juice. Microwave and dishwasher safe too. When you have work and school, the rest of life has to be low maintenance.


If you’re organized, you waste less energy on scrambling. Scrambling, while good exercise, also leads to increased stress levels. Ottavia Zappala makes these great vegan clutches that are perfectly-sized for tablets and your other analog supplies.


Like a handbound journal by Barbara Redmond. I don’t care how techy you are, I’d be wiling to bet you still have a soft spot for the quick jot. It’s also nice to have things in our lives that have texture and aren’t glowing at us all day and all night.


Of course, you need something to write in it with. And as long as you’re going ‘old timey’ with a book with actual paper in it, you might as well have a pen with actual ink in it, like this one by Richard Altenhofen. Getting to use something fun like this might actually make grading papers something more bearable.

A Blissful Life 5293-red-05

And lastly, a nice reminder to relax and sleep might just be the perfect gift. Artisan Kate Carey also puts a hint of lavender in the stuffing to soothe the worried mind.

Hey, maybe going back to school won’t be so bad.



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