12 Days of Christmas – Gift 10!

Day 10?! DAY 10?!  But, but, but…. then there’s only a day 11, a day 12… and then it’s Christmas Eve!

Good thing you’re checking in to our 12 Days of Christmas blog series where we asked some local-loving Phoenicians for their top gift picks (all found at Practical Art). We’re pretty sure it’s the solution to all of your holiday gift stymie. (That’s right, that’s a noun now. Deal with it, Merriam Webster.)

And lo! You’ve entered into ‘STAFF ZONE’- cue the Rod Serling theme song. Stay tuned in these last three entries for picks from the three festive ladies womanning the shop for the holidays– Karen, Kara, & Lisa!

Browse our online shop for more goodies, or come in any day 10a-8pm until the holiday! And with that, here’s the TENTH gift suggestion!

Day 10

Phoenician: Karen Olson

Item: Knit Wool Scarflette


Karen Olson, owner of Vonceil’s Pie (yes, the brilliant baker behind our delicious Pie Social pies), picked the knit wool scarflette by Gwynne Sullivan for her gift item. What is a scarflette you might be wondering? Well it measures just 2 feet in length and is designed to fit perfectly within the collar of your jacket, with out the extra length and bulk of the traditional scarf. This cozy yellow scarflette is soft as can be, made of knit wool and alpaca fibers – perfect for you keeping you or your special someone snug as a bug this season.

About Karen: Karen is the owner of Vonciel’s Pies, and sister of Practical Art owner Lisa Olson. When she is not perfecting her pie recipes, she is helping out at Practical Art. Born and raised in Tempe, Karen is as local-loving as it gets.


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