12 Days of Christmas – Gift 8!

Eight?!?  Gift Eight?!? That means we only have…. ::does math in head:: …6?! Days until Christmas?! Egads! Are you ready?! I’m not! Let’s get some more top gift picks selected by a cadre of local-loving Phoenicians for our 12 Days of Christmas Blog series. We love their picks, you’ll love their picks, and we hope you discover a Christmas treasure among the bunch for your own gifting endeavors! And now on to the EIGHTH selection! Happy Holidays everyone!

Day 8

Phoenician: Brendan Mahoney, Senior Policy Advisor for Phoenix Mayor Stanton

Item: Ceramic Nesting Bowls

walde-3bowl set-01

Brendan Mahoney of Mayor Stanton’s office chose the ceramic nesting bowls by artisan Neal Wade. Stackable, durable, and overall adorable, these bowls are a perfect match for anyone who loves to cook! An added benefit, according to Brendan: their durability makes them ideal for acidic items.

About Brendan: Brendan Mahoney currently serves as a Senior Policy Advisor for Phoenix Mayor Stanton. He is also a founding member and chair of the Arizona State Bar Committee on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity, the first of its kind in the United States.


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