12 Days of Christmas – Gift 3!

We’re continuing to tick off the days until Christmas! We asked some local-loving Phoenicians for their top gift picks (all found at Practical Art) and we’ll keep unveiling one each day leading up to Christmas.

When you ask an eclectic group of people for their suggestions, you get back an interesting mix of responses. But we have to say, we’re loving their choices. So check in each day to see who these mystery Phoenicians are and what they picked. We’ll also be throwing in our two cents later on in the countdown…that is, if we can pick just one item!

We hope you discover a Christmas treasure among the bunch! And now on to the THIRD selection! Happy Holidays everyone!

Day 3

Phoenician: Ken Clark, founder of Get Your PHX and Phoestivus

Item: Camp Hatchet by Lee Zierten


Ken Clark, of Get Your PHX and Phoestivus, picked the Camp Hatchet by artisan Lee Zierten as his choice for the 12 Days of Christmas. The camp hatchet, about 10 inches in length is expertly crafted and made for use, while still retaining its artistic style. The style and functionality is what prompted Ken’s choice.

“I would choose it for any one of my male friends who camp so they can at least look a little more stylish while they brutalize firewood. My female friends who camp already look more stylish, by default.” We appreciate the compliment, Ken.

About Ken: Ken Clark is a realtor with Homesmart and member of Homesmart’s exclusive Elite Group. Ken is the Founder of the monthly Get Your PHX events, which support and highlight new, locally owned businesses and features in Central Phoenix and Downtown. Ken also founded the Phoestivus Market, Phoenix’s open-air holiday market held every December.



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