Space Boy Robot on “How to Make a Robot” …..

…. just, shhhh …. don’t tell the robots. When they learn how to self-replicate, we may have a problem.

Jordan Alexander Thomas, the local artist also known as Space Boy Robot, thought that maybe a sneak peek into the studio wouldn’t be too terribly risky, so he allowed us to venture over and capture a few of the critical stages in creating a robot menagerie. As all his robo-guys, gals, and droids are deceptively made mostly of wood bits, whozawhatsits, and thingamajigs (technical terms of the trade), bins and cubbies are a necessity– as is a very, very large glue gun.












photo (24)

I mean, really, did you see that glue gun?!?

If you want to really admire the detail of Jordan’s work, you should see it in person. Practical Art is showcasing a collection of 20 free-standing bots, 7 mounted heads, 8 robot masks, and 3 robot portraits for the remainder of November. Tonight’s Share of the Pie: Charity Pie Night from 7-9pm is a fantastic time to see them, or visit us all weekend. Black Friday and Shop Local Saturday will be the last two days to check ’em out– so don’t miss ’em!

(Okay, well, if you want a glimpse at a couple more and a read a little more about Jordan, check out our previous blog announcing the “Robots & What Nots” show.)


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