Q: How do you stop a robot from destroying you and the rest of humanity?

A: You don’t.


It’s a joke!  Aw, what? …. It’s funny!

Okay, well, even if you are a *bit* concerned about the inevitable robot apocalypse, you can at least relish in the charming side of robots here in safe ol’ 2013. They’re particularly unthreatening when they’re made of wood, about 12″ tall, and frankly, adorable.


You may remember last holiday season when we received a slew of robot figures from none-other-than Mr. Space Boy Robot himself, local artist Jordan-Alexander Thomas. There was a GardenBot, a ZombieBot, a HeroBot, an OctoBot, and more– each exactingly detailed to seem as if they were made out of metal, down to the small faux-rivets that dotted every seam.

Jordan has been building robots since 2006 and it all began when his love of indie handmade and his love of all things Science-Fiction collided. While rummaging through his mother’s garage he found a collection of old wooden blocks and some other odd trinkets. Being the crafty guy that he is, he decided to use the mixture of odd items he found in the garage (plus a few things from the craft store) to build robots! (‘Cause, what else?) Today, he still follows the same principal of reusing and up-cycling found items. He personally hand builds and hand paints every single robot that leaves his workshop, and each robot creation is guaranteed to be a one of a kind sculpture.  All of his creations are centered around the steam-power pseudo-Victorian era style known as Steampunk.

And, we heard it, y’all were SAD when they flew off the shelves last year and Jordan picked up the classes that severely limited the time he needed to construct these guys. But! Unbeknownst to many, he’s been quietly crafting, gluing, painting, affixing, and….. hoarding! He’s spent this whole year accruing dozens of robot pieces for this exhibition— and we’re absolutely thrilled to be hosting their unveiling. We hope you’ll join us this First Friday for the reception.


“Robots and What Nots! A Space Boy Robot Show” by Jordan-Alexander Thomas
Exhibition: November 1st-November 30th, 2013
Reception:First Friday 1st, 2013 from 7pm-9pm










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