Staff Pick O’ The Week: Rock Pouches!


I enjoy writing quick little blog posts about items whose complete magic isn’t immediately apparent.


Bits of art that are less about the objects themselves and more about the experiences they cultivate.

These small 2″ x 3″ stitched fabric pouches are created by Practical Art artisan Jennifer Gross. They are ‘rock pouches’ and they owe their existence to a lovely family ritual.  Over the years, Jennifer’s family has ventured out together on hikes through the mountains and woods, and all along the route they stoop to collect small, interesting rocks.  To make the collecting process a little more special, Jennifer created small pouches that get tossed over the head and worn about the neck.  Each has its own unique identity comprised of dyed fabrics, shells, corals, beads, threads, sculpted ceramics and other bits that lend a shamanistic air to these tiny totes.

If you’re not much of a rock hound, I love that these can be a special place for a personal talisman, or can function as a sachet for your favorite fragrance.

Ask to see the full selection and find the one that suits your nature best. ($30)


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