Photo Essay: A Studio Visit with Practical Art artisan Alex Ozers of Phoenix, AZ

Think of your necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets as tiny, fine art sculptures. Jewelry craftsmen do. Turning stock sheets and wires of shiny metal into flowing, organic, and engaging works takes an acute attention to detail, a bountiful repertoire of metalworking treatments and techniques, and artistic vision. See it to believe it in this photographic journey through local Phoenix metalsmith Alex Ozer’s studio and process.












Alex works mostly in base metals such as brass, nickel silver, and copper, and he seeks to give his work an antique presence through torch-fire, patinas, and texturing with distressed tools. Recently, he’s ventured into pewter and sterling. Come by Practical Art to see his collection in person, or get a small peek at some of the selection on our webstore!

ozers-earrings gold circles03

Click to purchase these beauties on our webstore!

And don’t forget!  Join us from 5pm-7pm at practical art this Friday, the 19th, for our HAPPY HOUR and hang out with other art lovers in our community. It wouldn’t be a “Happy Hour” without a deal right!?! Everyone who joins us will be entered in a drawing; this month we will be giving away 5 of our awesome new practical art t-shirts! At 7pm let the adventure begin! We will head out to enjoy our selected PHX ARTS COMMUNITY destination; but it’s a secret until then. You have to come to practical art to find out where we are heading! We hope you’ll join us and make this even more of a community occasion!


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