It’s Better than Christmas!

It’s Independent’s Week!

Folks’ big gripe with Christmas is that it’s too commercialized. Well, Independent’s Week is it’s own holiday about shopping and business, but unlike Christmas, it’s about buying those few things you need, want, or intend to give as gifts, and buying them from the business owners in your community– your neighbors.

(Hopefully your Christmas Week looks a lot like your Independent’s Week!)

Each year towards, the beginning of July, Local First Arizona, launches Indie Week and its Golden Tickets; 20% off coupons for hundreds of local establishments!

It looks like this:


(Click to Print)

Ideologically, it’s a week about conscientious business practices… but practically, there’s a lot of great deals accompanied by a lot of great buzz about cool, locally-owned places you might not have heard about before!

We hope to see you at the shop with your tickets, and while you’re at it, hit up our neighbors at All About Books & Comics, Stinkweeds, and Frances who are also taking tickets! (Central & Camelback, REPRESENT!)

Elsewise, in the spirit of the holiday, Lisa & I have each made a Top 5 Golden Ticket Takers! And, here we go!

Lisa’s Top 5 Golden Ticket Takers!

1. Phoenix Art Museum, golden tickets can be used on a new membership to the museum!

2. Bunky Boutique

3. Changing Hands Bookstore

4. House of Tricks

5. Hotel Valley Ho

Kara’s Top 5 Golden Ticket Takers!

1. Phoenix Zoo

2. Noble Beast (sensing an animal theme?)

3. The Torch Theatre

4. ASU Art Museum

5. Southwest Gardener

We kept our lists short for brevity’s sake, but there’s an exhaustive list on the Local First website, organized neatly by alphabet and locale. Check it out, and make sure Practical Art‘s on your short list for your Indie Week Supporting Local Extravaganza! 🙂

A GREAT time to cash in your ticket is this Friday at our HEAT II Reception!

Heat show 2013 front


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