Staff Pick O’ The Week: Felted Soap!


I get asked at least twice a month, “What is this? A wool hockey puck?”

I promise you… this is way cooler than a wool hockey puck.


There’s soap in them thar fibers! True story!  Basically, what you see is what you get: you use it as is and the soap bar inside lathers right through the wool fibers. It’s a bar of soap and exfoliating scrubber all in one.   Like hot-washing a wool sweater, the fibers involved continue to ‘felt’ (shrink) around the bar of soap as it gets smaller, until you are left soap-less but with a little scrubby pad perfect for your next cleaning task.

That’s exactly what I do. I use it until all the soap is gone, then use the leftover Brillo-like pad to clean the shower (it’s a good reminder about when to do so). Alternatively, you can also snip the wool back open and stretch it out to fit a new bar within. Then you just rub, rub, rub over and across the opening, and because wool fibers likes to cling to one another, the seam reseals and viola! Good as new!

You can reuse a few times over because wool is naturally anti-fungal. I mean, it seems to work for sheep, right?

Anywho– at $12, this is a novel little gift as a ‘thank you’, a hostess present, a stocking stuffer, or if you just need something fun to convince the kids that bathing should be done, well, regularly.


Plus! It’ll help you feel confident that you smell good even in the hot, summer crowds! Join us tomorrow for our field trip outing to Gallery {9}’s “Fragments de la Lumiere” artist reception! Happy hour here at the shop from 6p-7p, and then we depart towards Grand at 7 sharp!



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