No, He Doesn’t Want a Book of Crosswords: Your Father’s Day Gift Guide!

“If your dad is anything like mine, then you have no clue what to buy him for Father’s Day. The only Father’s Day tradition in my family is the annual conversation he and I have where I say, “Hey, Dad, what do you want for Father’s Day this year?” and he says, “Nothing.” Then I ask my mom what I should get him and she says, “He likes sandalwood soap, dangly jewelry and Chanel No 5 perfume.” – Michael Showalter

Sounds about right, uh? Well, we can help you out with the less-than-forthcoming Dad. (He’s probably just being humble.)

Maybe what he needs is a day to just kick back in the hammock and chillax. These items paired with a growler of a great local brew might help!


Ceramic Corked Jug by Tom Budzak ($40), Forged Metal Bottle Opener by Cathi Borthwick ($24), 16oz. Wine Bottle Glassware by Ray DelMuro ($30), and Mesquite Branch Coasters by Tom Hewitt ($18).

Or maybe he’s most relaxed grillin’ or otherwise cheffin’.


Ceramic Oil Pour by Julie Hendrickson ($30), Live Edge Cherry Cutting Board by Jim Rogers ($85), 3-Piece Knife Set by Lee Zierten ($265), and Toothpick Holder Key Ring — for after the eats!– by Paul Porter ($25).

Is he happiest when he’s busy? Get the professional papa a little somethin’ to remind him of his considerate children when he’s out in the field:


Wood Business Card Case by Richard Altenhofen ($29), Concrete Clock by Christine Cassano ($180), and Turned Corian Pen by Paul Darnell ($40).

And finally, here’re some odds n’ ends that are all about ‘putting things where they go’ — ’cause who didn’t hear THAT from their pops? Ooph.


Forged Metal Hook by Cathi Borthwick ($45), Dresser Organizer by Jim Rogers ($95), Wood Book Ends by Ellie Richards ($24), and Powder-coated Metal Hose Holder by Kevin Hummelgard ($150)

And, of course, those’re just a few of the thousands of handmade items in the shop (there’re plenty more knives, boxes, wood n’ metal, rough n’ rugged, manly, studly…. uh… dude-ish?… items where these came from). Make sure to make it in before Sunday! Open every day!

practical art
5070 N Central Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85012


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