Friendly Friday Blog: All About Books & Comics!

Friendly Friday Blogs are about extolling the virtues of CenPho, the locale we call home. And by virtues, we mean the amazingly eclectic and wonderfully charismatic neighborhood establishments, and the entrepreneurs they own.

This week’s send up? All About Books & Comics!


Two doors down from Practical Art is Arizona’s LARGEST comic book store with over 1 MILLION (yeah, MILLION!) comics in stock. Crazy pants, right? They also carry comic-related swag for aficionados of all persuasions: cards, T-shirts, mugs, posters, and action figures (They. Are. Not. Dolls.). They even have items for the young ladies. There’s a special 4 year old gal in my life who happens to adore Ms. Kitty… so I can bop over to ABC to pick up a plushie or Kitty-tin of candies in my continued attempt to buy her love. Basically, what are you looking for? Yep, they probably have it.

It’s been a hectic month for proprietors Alan & Marcia! Lots of folks through the shop for two grand occasions!


Alan had a big birthday! We accused him of having spent too much time with super heroes and hence having developed the super power of looking at least 20 years younger than his purported age. (60? Alan, really?) It was great to see people through the shopping plaza who had obviously been loyal customers for years, and who had developed a relationship with their favorite comic-slinger.


And of course, the first Saturday of every May brings people out in droves. It’s FREE COMIC BOOK DAY! The shop explodes with freebies, face painters, food trucks, and fans galore. We saw quite a few costumes march past our store front windows that day too. It’s a community event that embraces newbies and avid collectors.

We particularly enjoy keeping up with ABC shenanigans via their Facebook page; it’s all about their shop and industry happenings. In an industry based around entertainment, how could their page ever be boring?!  And don’t forget to visit them at this weekend’s Phoenix Comicon!

Or come visit ’em tonight before you head over to Practical Art for Pie Night! Central & Camelback has so much to offer these days!


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