Staff Pick O’ The Week: Pallet Wine Holder!

Ok, here we go again. Gonna chat you up about something we’d love to have on our own walls in that careful game of “verbally-love-it-and-adore-it-but-dont-convince-myself-i-need-it-before-customers-have-a-chance-to-buy-it”.  It’s the Staff Pick O’ The Week!

There’re a lot of items in the store that the artists will have intended for a specific use, but really, when we trade our hard-earned dollars for it, we can do any dang thing we want with it. What? A toothbrush holder? Psh. Try paint brush holder. You say this is a yarn bowl? Uh-huh, well, I’m putting a candle in it ’cause I say it’s a luminaria. BAM.

Today’s pick incorporates this idea, but it isn’t a far cry from the intended purpose.

Shan Conshue creates wall-hanging wine racks from old pallets. You may have gleaned from other blogs that I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I love the DIY-garden-workshop-aesthetic of this shelf, and the price point ($50) propels me to think that I could buy it easier than I could build it. She has ’em in dark and light finishes too! So, as a wine non-enthusiast without wine to store, why do I covet this and what do I propose to do with it?


Another one of our artists, Ray DelMuro, of wine-bottle-to-glassware-conversion fame, also creates vases and planters from discarded wine bottles.


Seeing how my cat insists on mercilessly munching on any greenery in ‘his apurrtment’, what a clever way to use wine bottles to house my foliage and the wine bottle rack to house these repurposed wine bottles…that keeps the whole assembly away from toothy inquiries.  Kara: 1, Dante: 0.  Sorry, furface.



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