Mother’s Day Ideas From Practical Art


Whaddyamean Mother’s Day’s only a week away??!?!  Relax, we can help. Here’s some amazing ideas from your favorite local artists.

Like any good gift boutique, we have the ‘Flowers-That-Never-Die’ options:


Left to right: Inlaid Flower Wooden Box by Jim Rogers ($50), Fabric Rosette Necklace by Sara Creaser ($25), Stemless Votive Holder by Keith Weiskamp ($50), and your every-dish with hand-painted flowers by Suzanne Botello ($30).

But, if you DO happen to enjoy the ephemeral, momentary beauty of a living bouquet, we’ve got you covered there as well.


Welded Vase by Nancy McIntosh ($30).

Maybe you think Mom works too hard, and you would like to provide the gift of relaxation?


Left to right: Wild Votive Collection by Jayne Parke ($15), Wine Bottle Gift Bag by Amber Dickinson ($8) — Don’t forget the wine!–, Gift Soap Pack by Carolyn Camp ($10), and Lavender-Scented Eye Mask by Kate Rowan Carey ($14).

And, of course, the go-to: JEWELRY. I’m not abashed to say that we’re becoming quite well-known for our artisan jewelry selection. We have over two dozen artisans creating lines of jewelry for the shop. Here’s a small sampling of what you might find.


Left to Right: Typewriter Key Pendant by Sara Sacks ($22), Cast Glass Birdie Pendant by Cynthia Caldwell, and Hand-painted Pelican Pendant by Susan Holt ($50) –Pelicans are often considered the symbol for the self-sacrificing parent)–, and Brass Fringe Hoop Earrings by Alex Ozers ($46).

Mother’s Day can also be about spending time together and appreciating the relationship on this day, and every other.


Left to right: A Gift-Pack of Vintage Illustration Cards by Shari Collins ($51) — to keep in touch!–, Hand-painted Journal by Barbara Redmond ($50) — to record those happy moments!–, Fused Glass Picture Frame by Troy Moody ($30), and one of our favorite picks… gift certificates for Practical Art & our neighbor Postino for an afternoon of shopping and lunch!

And, lastly, we understand that not all Moms are…. well…. sane.  Maybe mom’s just a cray-cray artsy nut? We relate, sympathize, and suggest these things:


Left to Right: Sculptural Animal Business Card Holder by Carol Freitag ($40), Glass Monster Magnets by Marilyn Cohn ($5), Ceramic Character Salt & Pepper Shakers by Jennifer Gross ($45), and Wooden Ban Saw Trinket Box by Ellie Richards ($48).

Well?!?! Did that help?! And trust us, this is just a small smattering of what’s on the web store… which is an EVEN SMALLER smattering of what’s in the shop. And we’re open every day! Come visit!


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