Friendly Friday Blog: Windsor!

Friendly Friday Blogs are about extolling the virtues of CenPho, the locale we call home. And by virtues, we mean the amazingly eclectic and wonderfully charismatic neighborhood establishments, and the entrepreneurs they own.

Today’s send up?


We’re super-glad to be super-friendly with the folks at Windsor! Given that the shop opens at 11am, that makes for plenty of available brunch hours beforehand (on the weekends) to order a Matador and assemble a very sculptural Bloody Mary from the Build-Your-Own bar before bopping back down the block to greet you!  And gosh, they have red AND green Bloody Marys.


Windsor is the sibling shop to the other two Upwards Projects Restaurants just North of Practical Art, Postino & Federal Pizza. Postino’s gotcha covered for your wines, Federal’s got the brews, and Windsor? Some of the best cocktails in town. Now, I’m not a mixed drink gal– mostly because I don’t dig cola flavor or flavored sodas, I despise sweet n’ sour, and well, basically, most mixed drinks make my glycem-o-meter wheeze n’ sputter.  But these beauties are crafted from housemade tonics and simple syrups, fresh muddle fruits and herbs, and quality liquors. They’re refreshing, creative, and balanced. And what’s that you say? Five bucks until five o’clock?

<door swings in the breeze> “Where’d they go?”

Kara’s Must-Have:  The No. 1: Vodka, Watermelon Agua Fresca, Vanilla-Mint Syrup, Orange Bitters. And because their food, what I describe as “Southern Bistro,” is magnificent, I recommend pairing that with some fried okra and a mixed grain salad. (Salads balance out fried things, yes?)

Lisa’s Must-Have: Too hard to pick just 1! The No. 76: Blanco Tequila, Blood Orange Liqueur, House Blood Orange Sour OR The No. 63: Kentucky Bourbon, Fresh Grapefruit, Honey Syrup.

photo (4)

Check out their NEW cocktails on their blog, or just check ’em out tonight in person, before or after our art reception!

“The Silver Point Drawings of Jason Hugger”
Exhibition: May 1st- May 31st, 2013
Reception for the Artist: First Friday May 3rd, 7-9pm



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