Thank You For Helping Us Help!


After the tragic events at the Boston Marathon, like many other folks, we felt compelled to help. One of the main underpinnings of our business is community, and for us, community doesn’t always end at cartographic lines. Ghastly, senseless, violent acts let loose upon the world redraw those borders to where being a good neighbor can happen from half a continent away.

Last weekend, you helped us raise funds by shopping here. We had decided to donate 10% of the entire weekend’s sales (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) to the recovery efforts in Boston. One of our artisans, Brian Maxwell, also decided to donate his entire weekend earnings to those funds.

Ceramic Bell 1

So that gift you could have bought next week? You bought on Saturday. That Brian Maxwell ceramic bell that you’ve been coveting and visiting? This gave you the excuse to finally pick it up.  And we now have a check headed to Boston! So THANK YOU! Thank you for being the best, most generous, and heart-warming customers any lil’ shop could ask for!

And just where are those funds going? Well, both Lisa & I are runners and were attuned to the very specific kind of heartbreak allotted to those athletes who suffered debilitating injuries to their lower limbs. Achilles International is a non-profit organization that offers a community of support for athletes with disabilities; they organize training and races, kids programs, and resources for veterans. AI was founded in 1983 by Dick Traum, the first amputee to run the New York City Marathon. Read more about this fantastic organization on their website.


We’ll be sending funds to the Boston chapter in hopes that as the victims of the bombings begin their recovery, they’ll have support from organizations like these to assist in that difficult process.  If you’re inclined to contribute, individuals can donate to Achilles International here. If you’d like to donate to the general fund set up by the Massachusetts Governor and Boston Mayor, you can click through to The One Fund.

And, if you’d like to keep supporting Practical Art’s mission of charitable contribution, feel free to venture over in a few hours for this month’s Charity Pie Night which begins at 7pm and benefits The Barrow Neurological Foundation‘s ALS research. Find more information about tonight’s event, here on Facebook, or here in a previous blog post.


Truly, truly, truly, Thank You again. We can’t say it enough: we love our community!


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