Staff Pick O’ The Week: Knives aren’t just for dudes.

Do you guys realize what a risk this is? For us to decide to do a ‘Staff Pick O’ The Week’?

Because really, what we’re doing is spending a good bit of time writing, describing, and publicly adoring a one-of-a-kind piece we love…. and how hard is it going to be for us to talk ourselves out of purchasing it by the time we hit the last line in our ode?!  Hard! So, if you catch one of these ‘picks’ and it strikes YOUR fancy, you might want to meander on down within the next few days to stake a claim, or wrest it from our covetous fingertips. (Kidding on that last part.)


Really, we consider ourselves like foster parents over here, and we’re always happy to see items that we love so much find a happy home.

So that being said: UGH! WANT! THESE! UGH! WANT!


And, okay, so I’m not notoriously a wood carver. BUT I COULD BE. These really make me want to fashion something with mah bare hands. The last time I picked up carving implements, it was to carve wooden yams to suspend in a 2′ wire tree for an art class. (Good thing I paid for my own schooling, right?) I think I’d take a bit more of a functional-object route this go ’round, and I’d love to learn what kinds of strokes and gouges these blades are designed for. Then, if it turns out I can’t make anything of ’em, maybe my Grandpop could; he handcrafts his own fishing lures. Happy hand-me-down gift, Granddad!

Or maybe you’ll just have better luck. Local artisan Lee Zierten did such a beautiful job with the custom handles to make this a handsome set, that ONE OF US’ll be lucky to own ’em.


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