Why Give to Charity?


We all know the saying, “No Man is an Island,” and that’s especially true in an urban center. Even in a small trip to the corner store, we’re likely to have several interactions: with neighbors, with fellow pedestrians, with drivers, the shop keep. Each of these folks have different educational and economic backgrounds, and our many, varied experiences have brought us to who we are in all of our different walks of life. That’s a community. And what makes a community happy and safe? When we all have enough. Enough food to keep our bellies from grumbling, enough work to earn the money for our bills and our shelter, enough education to make informed decisions, and enough empathy and sense of civic duty to respect our neighbors. I want to have enough and I want each person I encounter in my day-to-day to have enough. There are many complicating factors within an already complex web of systems that dictate our socio-economic positions within our community, personal histories and the narrative of national ideology, that make having enough a weighted arena. But even if it’s an easier endeavor for some, harder for others, if ANY of us are lacking in any of those  fundamental tenets of civilization– informed decision-making, empathy, opportunities for work and prosperity– the integrity of our shared societal fabric is compromised. We need to embrace a holistic view of citizenship and community, for everyone’s benefit. After all, no man is an island.

And locally, there is a whole network of organizations dedicated to providing relief and education for those who have found it much harder than some. Today, March 20th, is Arizona Gives Day. It is “a day for Arizonans to come together to make donations to as many nonprofits as possible in 24 hours. From 12:00 am to 11:59 pm, supporters of Arizona nonprofits will go online, connect with causes they care about, and make tax-deductible donations. Supporters will search for participating nonprofits at azgives.org and simply click to donate. The donation stays local and helps our nonprofit community provide much needed services in the state of Arizona.”

We’re donating. Practical Art was founded on a mission of community-building with a strong emphasis on supporting charitable organizations.  We’re currently in the throes of a scrap metal collection, the RECYCLING DRIVE FOR JANE, to benefit the Phoenix Art Museum, and this Friday for our Charity Pie Night, proceeds benefit Xico, Inc. Next month’s photography show, “Eileen” by Brad Armstrong, and the accompanying Charity Pie night, go to benefit The Barrow Neurological Institute.


So, if you’re in a comfortable place to where you can help bolster your community environment, consider giving to one of these local charities for Arizona Gives Day. Pick an issue close to your heart and be informed about where your money goes.


Happy Arizona Gives Day!


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