“STITCHES”: The Artwork of Jennifer Gross

Once there was a stitch, it wasn’t very big.
Then it duplicated itself and became very long.
For many years it traveled over, under, and beside itself, vibrating everything into existence.
Until one day, it was a finely woven fabric.


This Friday night, we open Jennifer Gross’ March 2013 exhibition, “Stitches”. It’s a particularly exciting exhibition as it leads up to the month where we celebrate our FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY. One of the perks of having a space that has experienced some longevity is that we’ve been able to accompany artists on their journeys of expression and creation. Jennifer has been with us since our very first year and we feel privileged to have witnessed her artistic evolution over the course of four exhibitions here at Practical Art: “Unspoken Things” (2009), “Soul Tour” (2010), “The Stranger’s Guide to Interconnectedness” (2012), and now, “Stitches”.  This is also a milestone exhibition for Jennifer; it will be her first solo show since transitioning into working as an artist full-time.

“People, relationships, my environment and beliefs, along with an overactive imagination, combine together to create subject matter for my artwork. I see it as a transformation of the mundane to reflect its highest properties.”


Jennifer uses an ever-expanding repertoire of tools and materials in transforming the mundane into the magical: watercolor & acrylic paints, an assortment of fibers, clay, wire, found objects, and more. At times, she’ll begin with a sculptural ceramic form, and others, a flat canvas  builds out with sculptural protrusions.

And though her mediums for expression vary widely, there are elements that transcend the medium: her use of bold and complimentary colors, swirling whimsical movement and cartoonish abstraction, and her representation of personality and identity, be it embodied in human, animal, insect, or mythological form. “I am completely enchanted by the human face. Like the picture to a story, it reveals so much about a person and each is different from the next. Most of our senses are located on and near our face and much of our communication is conveyed through it. The sacred gate to the brain, the crowned jewel, the face represents individuality, personality and identity.”

This is a show of mixed media works displaying all of the color, experimentation, & whimsical expression that Jennifer Gross is known for. And we’re thrilled to help you kick-start your Art Detour weekend with the opening of this show.

“Stitches” by Jennifer Gross Exhibition:March 1st-March31st, 2013 Reception for the Artist: Friday March 1st, 2013 7-9pm
**And you can get your fix year-round with her functional art that we carry regularly! Each bowl, plate, shaker set, or necklace showcases her abilities in a way you can handle and use. It’s Practical, and that’s what we do! Art for the every day.**


2 thoughts on ““STITCHES”: The Artwork of Jennifer Gross”

  1. Hi Jenny, you really have come a long way baby! I am so proud of you and your wonderful art, may you be the artist I always knew you to be. Love Aunt Denise

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