The Procrastinator’s Helper: A Gift Guide

We recognize our own, and yes, we’re looking at you, fellow procrastinator.  Oh, we all have our excuses, some legit and some, welllllll, some maybe less so; but Practical Art is a no-judgement zone. Neither Lisa or I have scratched the surface of our lists, so this gift guide is a way for us to organize our thoughts on who needs what in our families as well as to help you all with the same last-minute assess and deliver.

We’ve assembled some stupendously complete gifts packages, ideas on where to get all of the components of said extraordinary gifts…. and the best part? It’s all local! Keep in mind, you can add or subtract items from some of these assemblages based on your budget (or how naughty or nice the recipient was this year).

So! Without further ado:


A pair of mugs by Lisa Harnish and yummy coffee from Citizen Espresso Bar


Garden pot by Pat Mahoney, garden marker by Charola Martinek and basil seeds from Southwest Gardener


Glassware from wine bottles by Ray DelMuro and a gift card to Postino


PHX heart necklace by Michelle Spanyard and Loyal to the soil shirt from Bunky Boutique


Bottle opener by Cathi Borthwick and some Kilt Lifter from Four Peaks Brewery


Hinged box by Alan Charney and a CD by local band Gospel Claws from Stinkweeds


Oil pour by Julie Hendrickson and olive oil from Queen Creek Olive Mill


Salt Cellar by Richard Altenhofen and fancy salts from AJ’s Fine Foods


Ceramic bowl by Jared Tolson and candy from Smeeks


Or there are always Practical Art gift cards!

**And don’t forget!  We’re on extended holiday hours, from 10am-8pm everyday, so let the hustle begin!**


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