Iron content isn’t just for Wheaties anymore: The Artwork of Troy Moody

Local glass artisan Troy Moody is showcasing his love for a variety of glass processes, both traditional and experimental, in his exhibition “Home”, on display at Practical Art for the month of December.


From the show card: “Troy Moody’s newest series of assemblage celebrates the diverse characteristics of glass using techniques of abrasive etching, blown glass, kiln casting, glass painting/staining, and  lead came glazing. These pieces are crafted meditations on the intangible heirlooms of family mythology and cultural narrative. The found objects included in the work seem imbued with a history, the resonance of life, and a memory of function; the chipping layers of paint, rusted hardware,and aged wood grains evoke nostalgia; and the glow and sparkle of the manipulated glass becomes anachronistic and contemplative.”


His imagery: stars and stripes, baseball scenes, vintage fabric prints, cactus and wren, and more, are included to evoke a sense of place, culture, and history. Most of the scenes and patterns are laid out in a rusty-red, sandwiched between the layers of glass. “Rust” is an appropriate descriptor given this aspect of the construction process; when an image is created from a printer where the ink is of a high enough iron content, that printed image can be placed between layers of glass and all of the organics are burned out in the kiln firing…. leaving only the deposits of iron from the ink. When the piece is removed from the kiln, the image is mapped in iron exactly as it was toned in ink. From there, Troy is able to further manipulate the glass in a variety of ways to suit his intent; he is even able to then use these panels in a blown glass process to create 3-dimensional vessel forms featuring the imagery.


And no matter what process Troy settles on for the expression of an idea in glass, the source of his idea boils down to this beautiful paragraph about his inspirations:

“We are each influenced by the beautiful strangeness surrounding us, each by our individual encounters, everything we see, read, hear or experience, by the lives we lead, the conversations we share and the people we meet. I find my inspiration in the abundance of love and the absurdities of life, by smokey Sadhu sunsets, my grandmother’s enchiladas, foot bridges in Vermont, my amazing wife and my beautiful son. I am inspired by the textures and patterns of the natural world, by spontaneity and intuition, by open roads, unknown horizons, intimate spaces and vast stretches of wilderness, by the laugh of children, a stranger’s smile, the roar of thunder and the screams of wild peacocks, by dirty history and clean knowledge, vagabond bliss and domestic equanimity, movement, kindness, quiet minds, bold actions and odd silent moments.”

Reception for “Home”: Friday, December 14th, 2012
The exhibition will be on display through the end of December.


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