Festival Frenzy! Practical Art in OVERDRIVE!

Well, one thing you can’t accuse us of is being inaccessible.

We have a brick & mortar store that’s open every single day. We have email. We have a website.  We have a webstore.  We have Facebook. We have Twitter. We have personal Instagrams that are inundated with Practical Art merchandise. We are trying at Pinterest. We have a blog (don’t worry, you’re already here.). We are at the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings.  WHAT ELSE CAN WE DO?!

Oh, yeah. Hows about bein’ at a bajillion festivals? Well, we cleared the Local First Arizona Fall Festival hurtle, and high-jumped the Black Friday Vintage Market at Cityscape— and now, we’re about to vault into the Winter fests! First up:


TONIGHT!  ** The highlight here? Phoenix Ale Brewery created a signature ale for Phoestivus! Yay, beer garden!


THIS FRIDAY!  ** The highlight? We’ll be hanging out with Practical Art artisans Alex Ozers, Andrew King, and Cyndi Coon!


THIS SUNDAY! ** The highlight? javajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajavajava…..!!!!!  (Yes, we’re aware we have a problem.)


NEXT WEDNESDAY! ** The highlight? Uh…. did we mention the beer garden?  And no, this isn’t a reposting mistake…. Phoestivus happens TWICE! The 5th & the 12th! I’m sure you’ll have a whole new slew of complaints for the ‘Airing of Grievances’ by then! ‘Tis the season!

So, I’m basically saying…. DON’T BE A STRANGER! We hope to see you here, there, everywhere!  And, don’t forget… we’re on extended holiday hours through Christmas! 10am-8pm everyday… late until 9pm on Fridays!


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