No-Tax November: A Food Drive for St. Mary’s Food Bank

Did you know that 2 million Arizonans are working their tushies off and still living at or BELOW the Federal poverty line? That’s trying to support a family of FOUR on LESS THAN $24,000 a year.

Do you have a little extra and want to help a family that has a little less? Well, through the month of November, Practical Art will be a drop-off point for donations for St. Mary’s Food Bank, AND we’ll be giving you a good-vibes-kudos-reward for taking the initiative to better our community. Five or more cans of donated food (or a comparable donation) will ‘exempt’ you from sales tax on your entire purchase of local, artisan-made wares!

Other items that are GREATLY appreciated are: (canned or vacuum-packed) ham, tuna, or chicken; (whole grain and low sugar) cereals; crackers; cooking oil; baking mixes; jellies and jams; tomato products; and coffee/tea/cocoa mixes.

Our goal is to fill up at least one of St. Mary’s food boxes, which holds approximately 150 lbs. of food. You guys really shine when we host our annual recycling drive for the Phoenix Art Museum, and we’d love to see the same enthusiasm for helping to fill some hungry bellies this holiday season. And hey, when you take advantage of your new tax-free purchasing power, you’re helping to combat ‘Starving Artist’ syndrome! Feed local families, support Arizona artists, and patronize your friendly, neighborhood craft space, all in one fell swoop.


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