Photo Essay: A studio visit with Practical Art artisan Dan Basinski of Star Valley, Arizona

Anyone involved in the realm of handmade items & craft wares will tell you that one of the challenges of this market is encouraging folks to once again make associations with the source of the goods they choose to bring into their lives. Inventory, believe it or not, doesn’t just materialize on shelves (well, not until 3-d printing is ubiquitous anyway…but I digress). There’s a range of factors that contributes to each and every item that you purchase for everyday use: who is making it, what it’s made of, how long it’s made to last, where it’s created, who you buy it from, and what your dollars are then supporting (great stats on Local First Arizona‘s website (economic) and OpenSecrets (political)). You CAN put a lot of time and effort into figuring all of those factors out for EACH purchase you make, and I think the more conscientious we can be as consumers the better– but as a small, independent arts retailer, we also feel a responsibility to make that information accessible, thorough, and, well, fun!

We’re launching a series of photo essays that will be featured regularly on our blog to give you a sneak peek into the processes of our artists. It’s just a glimmer into the time spent, the concern towards quality, craftsmanship, and longevity, and, also, the creative joy that is involved in each artist’s studio practice. We’re starting with one of our long-time artisans, Dan Basinski, who’s been a Practical Art artisan since March of 2008. Wowza, how time flies!

Lisa ventured over to his studio to document the creation of a cherry wood flat spoon. Your visual journey begins….. now.

Read more about Dan on our website’s bio pages, here, and if you are interested in purchasing this spoon, come by the shop or click the image through to the webstore.


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