Holy Events, Batman! It’s FALL in Phoenix!

First and foremost, there were two very special birthdays in Phoenix, Arizona yesterday.


In this past year, they’ve performed the remarkable feat of hosting 707 artists in 364 shows! 57 of which SOLD OUT!  They’re right downtown, easily accessible by the light rail, near 2nd ave and Van Buren.  (The light rail is especially helpful if you have one too many Honey Badgers, one of their signature drinks containing something to the effect of honey and bourbon…..I really don’t remember.  Yeah….they’re that good.)  Food is available in-house at Cocina 10. It is simply served and incredibly fantastic,  which shouldn’t be surprising as the menu was orchestrated by local faves Chris Bianco (of Pizzeria Bianco) and Doug Robson (of Gallo Blanco at The Clarendon).  Lisa and I have both seen a slew of shows here (Glen Hansard, Medicine Tent, Michelle Blades, Tobie Milford, Treasure Mammal, The Head & The Heart, ETC ETC.) and we look forward to seeing many more! Good music, good food, good booze, what more could us gals want?!

Also! Lisa’s new hubby Brad also had a birthday! It’s probably not polite to announce how many candles he blew out, but suffice it to say that it wasn’t his first birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BRAD!  Many more to you as well, and also, cheers to you both on the sparkly new nuptials!

Alright. Now, down to business.

How do you know it’s fall in Phoenix? Your weekend schedule gets bumpin’!  Here’s a quick run-down of where you might run into us this weekend (and heaven knows there’s a million other things to-do and to check out more, we recommend tuning into: Jackalope Ranch, Downtown Phoenix Journal, AZCentral, AZFamily, CenPho, The Downtown Devil, The State Press, Sonoran Living, JAVA Magazine, and, and, and…. well, I’m sure I’ll think of more later.).  — Also, we expect to have a fun, quasi-curated, linkable calendar coming soon.–

Starting with TONIGHT, Thursday, October 4:

The Phoenix Art Museum is hosting The INFOCUS Silent Auction featuring more than 50 signed limited-edition prints and books by acclaimed photographers from throughout Arizona and the US.  It’s TONIGHT from 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. and free & open to the public. There’s bidding and raffles!

Also! Our favorite Chicago-style black box theater in the downtown, Space 55, is launching, “Monsters, Mutants, and Other Tales of Love!” 8pm, $15.

Also! No Festival Required is screening, “Space, Land, and Time: Underground Adventures with Ant Farm” at 7:30pm for $7 at SMoCA.


Well, of course you’re going to start here!  Practical Art is featuring Julio Cesar Rodarte’s “POP GLYPHS” exhibition of paintings for the month of October,

and we’re celebrating the beginning of fall with live music by The Soap Sellers! 7pm-9pm, Free!

First Fridays can be a bit to navigate these days, but we’ve worked out a plan to take a lot of stress out of your evening.  Eat at one of North CenPho’s hoppin’ eateries (Postino Central, Windsor/Churn, Maizie’s Bistro, St. Frances, Los Dos Molinos, Hula’s Modern Tiki, Rosie McCaffrey’s, Short Leash Dogs, ETC), park in our back lot and visit with us, then take the light rail downtown and stroll about to catch some other art-scene offerings.  As soon as we close up here for the night, we’re heading down to Legend City Studio‘s “Chaos Theory XIII”– one of my favorite group shows every year. The line-up looks absolutely stellar.

Some of our other favorite First Friday spaces to put on the roster either for this Friday, or others: The Lodge, Oasis on Grand, Willo North, EyeLounge, and Five15. We’ll give you a rundown of others in another blog post…. but, well, I’m already crunched on time today. I keep watching the clock knowing that the first event I’ve mentioned here today starts in 20 minutes. Ha! We’ll get the hang of this eventually. Probably.


Holy Moly. Are you ready for this guys? It’s just going to be a list of links. Click through if the title or venue strikes your fancy– they’re all things I’d love to get to…. if I wasn’t working all weekend…. le sigh.

Arizona Science Center has the Best of Phoenix A’FARE!

Desert Botanical Gardens is exhibiting Carolina Escobar’s “Whispers of a New World”.

Tempe Town Lake is hosting Tour de Fat!

Herberger Theater is hosting it’s 3rd Annual Festival of the Arts!

And, what’ll help you process all of this new cultural knowledge you’ll have gained over this weekend (or maybe drank away at Tour de Fat?)….


Socrates Cafe Philosophical Discussion Group on SUNDAY at Practical Art, 2pm. I, personally, look forward to EVERY 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month for this great community, and the varied and thoughtful conversations.

Sheesh.  Well, that’s a rundown and a half, huh? Overloaded? I am.  Anywho, we hope to see you all out and about this weekend, and we’ll check back in on Monday to see how you fared.  I’ll get Lisa on lots of product photography, because there’s quite a bit of new work in, and you should know about it. Because, well, we can’t take it all home.



4 thoughts on “Holy Events, Batman! It’s FALL in Phoenix!”

  1. You forgot to mention that the Crescent Ballroom is slightly less easily accessible by light rail if you get off on the wrong stop.

    1. Yup! Well, knitting afternoons. Fourth Saturdays after our knitting 101 classes. If those sessions are popular enough, we can consider meeting up more regularly! (I have a cowl to finish!) 🙂

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