Well, I guess we’re going to break down and write a blog.

I mean, ahem, “YAY! We have a blog!”
We’ve been told we’re pretty enjoyable to ‘follow’ or ‘fan’ in the whole social media sphere: WE think we’re pretty hysterical, very informative, and great idea generators, and a few very smart, very attractive, and very flattery-susceptible folks have agreed with us.  To date, we have a web site and web store; we publish a newsletter, we do The Facebook, and The Twitter, and sometimes The Pinterest; but we were thinking that we can’t possibly be keeping up with the digital Jones’ if we don’t have a blog, so… ta da!Here we be.

Not an alcoholic.   Not my dog.

For the last 4 years we’ve been extremely localized: we’re locally-owned (yeah, by us), we host 100 local artists, we participate in the local fairs & festivals, we’re members of Local First Arizona, and, maybe most to the point, we shop locally ourselves. We’re so used to knowing our immediate Phoenix community because they come in to the brick & mortar and shop–but since we’ve launched our webstore, we’ve realized that our community of artists and art lovers just expanded to mega proportions, and a lot of you will only be able to get to know us through this vast expanse of cyberspace.  And why get to know us? Well, if you made it this far, I have a feeling we’re already fairly alike. We just may very well enjoy a lot of the same things, and we think a blog is a fantastic platform for sharing information and inspiration. So who are we and what should you expect?

‘We’ is Lisa Olson and Kara Roschi.  There’re a lot of these entries that will be a ‘combined’ voice, because Lisa and I are similar in a lot of ways, and many of those ways concern how we want our little pinpoint in the world, Practical Art, to be that pebble of heart, creativity, and earnestness that ripples out into the pond of the ‘every day’.  Our humble corner of the cybersphere will consist of store news, artist studio visits in a photo essay style, promotion and reviews for community happenings and shows, reclamation DIY projects, national art news, tips for emerging artists, and probably some BRILLIANT entries that we can’t even begin to anticipate.

And though that’s all kinds of ‘shop talk’, it will undoubtedly be smattered with our own personal loves and quirks. If we’re chatting about a current exhibition at The Phoenix Art Museum, we can’t help but mention about the great coffee across the street at Giant Coffee, or the amazing Drunken Noodles & Tofu at Thai Hut.  If we’re promoting one of our favorite group shows, Chaos Theory at Legend City Studios, we will probably also mention the charming patio at Cibo restaurant or the probability of a live music show at Crescent Ballroom down the road. (And we have bar pairings for EVERYTHING.)

Those’re elements you’ll see in our ‘joint’ voice—art, dining, and entertainment.  We both enjoy all of those wonderful hedonist pleasures.  However, like any decent Venn Diagram, there’re outlying subjects where there’s little to no crossover interest. Anytime you see a sports references, detect some wine connoisseurship, are enthralled by the visuals, or are questioning the grammar of the post—that’s going to be Lisa.  If the blog post is attempting humor, has a hippy feel (vegetarian and car-free lifestyle schmutz), or contains a fuzzy Instagram or cute animal photo—that’ll be me.
You’ll have to play the game of guessing who authored which blog posts.  And ten bonus points to the subscriber who makes it a drinking game. (ooooh, rules soon to follow…!)
If you come along on this ride with us, because with this blog you’re now being invited behind the scenes, you’ll find out much more about each of us, the shop, our artisans, and Phoenix, Arizona.

Ultimately, we plan on dissecting life in the valley, mostly through a frame planted firmly in the art world…. orrrrrrrr we may abandon all of that eventually and just post photos of cats in costumes. We’ll see how it goes. We’re obviously open to keeping a certain level of flux; what’s life without evolution?

Our bank likes to send mail to Mr. Art Practical.    We're working on cashing in on that.

(**We’re going to be celebrating this blog launch at Four Peaks Brewery tonight with their newly released PUMPKIN PORTER! Feel free to come by!**)



2 thoughts on “Well, I guess we’re going to break down and write a blog.”

  1. I’ll be the first to guess at who wrote this blog. Kara, you wrote most of it. I think Lisa helped with the Venn diagram. Want to know how I know??? Lisa never would have written this much. Cheers to you both! Cheers to Practical Art! Please have a Pumpkin Porter for me!

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